Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Welcome to Graphic JAM

So Glad You are here!

Graphic JAM is a blog set up specifically to showcase the work of

John Albert Martineau

As of this writing, John is unaware that I am blogging about him...but I feel that his work is so excellent that "The World" should see it.  Since I am the owner of the first batch of drawings you will see here, this is considered acceptable.  :*)

In days to come, I will let him in on my little secret, and ask for permission to post the rest of his portfolio.

In the meanwhile, here is the first of what will prove to be a large number of blog posts!


Eagle in Flight
by John Martineau

This pencil drawing was John's gift to me in 1991
(The image is deliberately distorted for this post...but you can still see the exquisite details.)

I know that John accepts commission work, so if you would like for him to draw something JUST FOR YOU, drop me an email...
Look for Contact Information on the left side of this page
Thank You!

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